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Home Enviro Health Specialists was founded with an understanding that the need for public health was of great concern. Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can impose serious health conditions."Indoor Air Pollutionmay be 2-5 times (and occasionally more than 100 times) worse than outdoor air pollution". Efforts have been put fourth to have energy efficient buildings, but thought was never given to what effects this would have to our health. (OSHA) Most HVAC systems only bring in 10% outdoor air, the other 90% is fouled recirculated air. We have included an EPA Test Result regarding UVC Lamps. Did you know that a Germicidal UVC Lamp is used in Mattress Sanitation to perform Sanitizing / Cleaning?
All Natural Enzyme Cleaner
International Indoor Air Quality Commission
James S. Miele, III

IAQCP (Indoor Air Quality Certified Professional) Member # 1068

MICP (Mold Inspection Certified Professional) Member # M1068
Installation Program

Prior to the customized system being installed, we would test the cooling coil, then 30 days after the install test the coil again. The uvc light air purifying system will prove itself, and the uvc light air purifying system would have greatly improved the HVAC performance and the IAQ.

How can we propose this offer?

Simple Explanation.....

This is based on Science; we have a test facility with a board of advisor's that include PhD's, professional engineers, scientists, with more than 70 years of combined UV experience also, a ISO 9001 manufacturing plant and use proprietary software to be certain that our systems are as effective as our claims. Not at anytime is "guess work" a consideration.

There is nothing to forfeit and an abundant of benefits to gain. So why wait any longer? Call Today for a free consultation for your custom uvc light air purifying system.

PRICING: Please understand these are custom uvc light air purifying system, so pricing would depend upon individualized factors. Such as; targeted microbial, pathogens, HVAC design, etc.

MKT141 Rev. A 06/23/2004
GSA Specification Section Five, Sub-Section 5.9, Page 143, HVAC Systems


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The average person spends most of their day indoors; either being at work or at home. So why would you not want to breath clean air?

Buildings that are equipped with Ultraviolet light (C band) emitters/lamps in their HVAC System will be altering the DNA of Microbes thus destroying - Viruses, Bacteria, VOC's, Mold, and Mildew.

Very little fresh air enters the building; we stopped drafts, energy windows, caulking, etc. As you have read; upon installation of the UV-C Lamps you will gain many great health benefits. Stop breathing contaminated recirculated air.

Combine "Molecular Filtration" with UV-C Lamps, "Now that's clean air". Activated Carbon Bonded Filtration - (A) Activated Carbon (B) Activated Carbon/Permanganate Oxidant Blend) (C) Permanganate Oxidant (D) Caustic Impregnate (E) Acid Impregnate
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* PRODUCT BENEFITS: Energy Savings, Extended Life of HVAC, & Healthier Employee Environment with a lower absentee rate. Energy Savings itself can
pay for the system in less than 1 year (a typical
installation can pay for itself in less than one year
through energy and maintenance savings alone).

Before and After Case Studies Provided.
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